if you’re the kind of person who liked saying the same thing over and over again you will absolutely love raising children

charlie sheen in the streets, micro peen in the sheets

shag toilet seat covers are the truck nuts of bathrooms

you can also start a Teams meeting with only yourself and leave that running. or so i’ve heard

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PRO TIP: Want to defeat the screen timeout but your IT team blocked you from changing it? Run a power point slide show in Windowed mode and just minimize it out of the way. Works on both Mac and Windows.

You're welcome.

Hit me up for more circumvention tips. 😈😈

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thinking about adding strategic overdrafter to my bio

my hobbies include clenching my jaw and manually breathing

pretty much every one of the “people aren’t talking about …” posts is about something that literally half the tl is talking about

i guess it’s just a european hornet. but it’s the biggest i’ve ever seen by far. extension.umd.edu/resource/eur

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hey wtf is this bug in my house? it as about 3 inches long

gonna eat some chipotle then love bomb the bathroom

twitter communities has major google plus vibes. at least the tech ones

“whitespace” is almost an anachronism at this point given how few people code with light themes

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