Does castle doctrine apply to uteruses?

Conservatives have been openly working towards this day since i was a kid. Dems had enough of a majority to codify abortion rights many times and refused. Currently ranking dems were around for all of it. I don’t buy any of their crocodile tears.

seven habits of highly defective people

if our economic system requires some to be unemployed maybe we should be open to rethinking some things


Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers says the US jobless rate would need to rise above 5% for a sustained period in order to curb inflation that’s running at the hottest pace in four decades


trying to explain the concept of consent to these two wolves and how i never gave it to them

what are you doing bro that’s my heart meridian

type of cat that gets mad when you don’t pet them with both hands

an inside job sounds way sexier than it is

so if i’m fully vaccinated, wear a mask to stores, and still get covid multiple times, in what sense is the pandemic “over?”

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if i was always losing my favorite game i would NOT write a song about it

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