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Need some fedi folks recommendations. I'm looking to get a new laptop, old one goes back to the company when I leave.

Only need it for web browsing, watching Twitch, etc. Nothing super powerful.

Was looking at #pine64 Pinebook Pro, but those aren't expected in anytime soon.

I know about #systemd76 and #librem but they start at like $1k and are waaaaay more than I need.

Anyone have some good, relatively inexpensive (few hundred US dollars), basic laptops they'd recommend? Obviously #linux powered.

honestly 90% of what some of you do with k8s can be done more cleanly and easily with docker compose

My strongest intelligences were naturalistic intelligence and interpersonal intelligence. via

this doesn’t seem right but idk

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I'm working on an introductory #book about #decentralisation protocols. 🦄

It serves as a taster for different technologies, and provides you with a path forward to deepen your studies if you're so inclined.

I'll cover #ActivityPub, #Hyper, #IPFS, and #SSB. Each chapter is a brief intro and a hands-on project using #JavaScript.

The book will be CC licensed. If that sounded interesting, add yourself to the interested readers list at:

it would be quite nice to have a program that contained all my hangouts, discords, slacks, ircs, etc.

man the gōp is just way better at wielding power. maybe someone on the left should take some notes.

time to abolish anti-democratic institutions

Starting another play-through. Such a good game.

*youth pastor voice* i have a friend who knows all about being mid. his name is jesus and he died on the middle cross for your sins

i know this whole thing is entertaining for most of you but just remember that for those of us suffering with depp syndrome this is our daily struggle. we don’t get to turn it off

how much of our societal outrage is directly linked to there just not being enough actual news to fill a full cycle

And that's not even mentioning the horrible security track record embedded ads have

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I'm nominally sympathetic to people reliant on advertisement for income but i find it hard to believe that anyone can look at the average site with ads and think it's an ok user experience.

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I accidentally broke my pi-hole and had to do without for a few days. jesus it's bad out there.

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listen, i'm glad everyone is here/back but platform metacommentary alone won't be enough to make this stick. you need to start posting inane nonsense

what did you eat today. did you see any cool bugs

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