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this site has taught me that no matter how wrong you are do not apologize. in real life obviously do it. but not here. ppl get eaten alive on here. can’t show fear

might fuck around and become sentient later idk

accidentally posted feet and got no likes. i assume everyone is still busy furiously masturbating and my notifications are seconds away from going off

is this a joke to you literally men in ties and rolled up sleeves are jumping out of windows

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male youtubers stop maxing out the eq low end challenge

So wait doesn't allow indexing of most wiki pages?

one of the main benefits to believing that consciousness is likely an illusion is that you can ignore debates about whether or not other systems are conscious

hey kitten you ok? you didn’t like my pussy from a girl with post

the french are extremely loose with which letters they pronounce. might get cancelled for this one

formula 1 is really embracing pride month with their references to pole position and rear grip. though of course they also have a race in a country that executes gay people so …

all these retvrn people are conspicuously quiet on bringing back aspic

fuq this. it’s been over 1.5 years since the first time i got it.



no babe ur dick is perfect the big ones scare me


you trying to tell me this place is guarded by mids?

“it’s in the constitution”

bro do you know what the word amendment means

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